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Computational Thinking Emphasized Course Modules for Health Science Students

In this project, health science students will learn and improve their computational thinking ability through a number of activities. The core component of these activities is a series of computational-thinking centered courses designed specifically for health science students. In this project, the courses/modules include high-level programming, database management, data mining, information security and privacy, computational modeling, and computational genomics.

To gradually enhance students' computational thinking ability and to fit the new course materials into undergraduate curriculum without significantly increasing the burden of our students, we distribute the course materials at three different levels:

Level 1: overview lectures or tutorials on these six topics
Level 2: course modules about these topics integrated into required courses
Level 3: elective courses on these topics

  • Level 1: lectures/tutorials
    • Database and Data mining (one day tutorial on data mining in "HIM 1460: HIM Clinical Education 2")
    • Computational Genomics (one overview lecture in "HIM 1406: Data Management & Analysis for HIM Professionals" and one tutorial in "HIM 1470: HIM Clinical Education 3")
    • Information Security and Privacy (one day tutorial in "HIM 1460: HIM Clinical Education 2" and one overview lecture in "HIM 1415/1416: Introduction to Health Information and the Healthcare System")
    • Computational Modeling (one overview lecture on biomedical modeling in "HIM 1406: Data Management & Analysis for HIM Professionals")
  • Level 2: course modules
    • Computational Genomics (Genomics module in "HIM 1455/1456: Quality Management").
    • Computer Programming (Programming module in "HIM 1442: Application of Statistical Concepts in HIM")
    • Biomedical Modeling (Biomedical modeling module in "HIM 1462: Epidemiology")
    • Information Security and Privacy (Information security and privacy module in "HIM 1490: Electronic Health Records")
    • Database and data mining (modules in "HIM 1406/1407: Data Management & Analysis for HIM Professionals")
  • Level 3: full courses
    • Computer Programming (HRS 1422: Object-Oriented and Web Programming)
    • Information Security and Privacy (HRS 1421: Security, Privacy and Legal Issues in Health Information Systems)
    • Computational Genomics (HRS 1425: Genomics and Personalized in Health Systems)
    • Database and Data mining (HRS 1424: Database Management in Health Care)
Courses/Modules List
Understanding the Most Fundamental Component of Life: Computational Genomics
Database and Data Analysis
Identifying Patterns and Relationships from Data: Data Mining
Protecting Sensitive Health Information: Information Security and Privacy
Discovering Mechanisms from Complex: Computational Modeling